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Meet Finn, your back-pocket coach who helps you stay accountable, overcome creator roadblocks, and celebrate success, all via text

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*Examples of actual support & learning texts

Finn, our creator coach, helps you...

Overcome Roadblocks

Overcome struggles like not knowing what to write, procrastinating, perfectionism, and more.

Become Consistent

Make content creation a sustainable & consistent part of your routine

Stay Accountable

Develop and track your writing goals, celebrate your wins, and cultivate a habit of learning

Who This Is For

This is for folks looking to go from 0 to 1 as a knowledge creator. It's best suited for individuals looking to start writing (on Twitter, via newsletter or blog).

Startup Founders

Looking to connect with target customers and nurture early leads.

Career Professionals

Looking to grow your thought leadership inside and outside your company doors.

Aspiring Creators

Looking to grow your audience and monetize your content.

Small Business Owners

Looking to connect with target customers & differentiate your offering.

How It Works

Becoming a creator is great in theory, but the truth is it can be a lonely journey. Having just-in-time support, accountability, and reflection helps you accelerate your journey.

Set Well-Formed Goals

Get help creating well-formed, realistic but ambitious goals that help you see real progress as a creator.

Reflect & Track

Stay accountable over time and keep track of what you learn, what you want to work on, and how consistent you are with our dashboard.

Overcome Roadblocks

Text any time for dozens of scientifically-backed methods to overcome common creator roadblocks. 

Learn (Coming Soon)

Get weekly lessons delivered straight via text, combining insights from leading creators with proven habit formation methods.

Sometimes a small nudge is all you need to keep going. Creator Habits did just that - it reminded me to fit in writing into my day and helped me realize it's normal to take hours when you're just starting out...


Priced For Success

Just $15

Per month (Beta Price)

Creator Habits Lessons (3x/Week)

Just-in-time support 

Daily Reflection & Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this content come from?

This content is based on a wide-range of scientific studies that relate to creativity, habit formation, creativity, and roadblocks such as perfectionism, procrastination, and more. 

Why is this being delivered via text message?

Text message has been shown to be one of the most effective forms of low-touch habit improvement. Some of the most effective smoking cessation programs have been text-based. Read more here.

Where is this available and what are the associated fees?

This text based program is only available in the US and US-based phone carrier fees apply. 

This program will soon be available via WhatsApp to other countries.

What does the program entail?

You'll be texted twice a day for 2 weeks (weekdays only), with an educational text in the morning and a reflection-oriented text in the evening. 

You can also text any time between 9am-5pm PST if you encounter roadblocks.

Can I end the program at any time?

Yes, just text "Quit"

What is your refund policy?

If you aren't satisfied before completing 30% of the program (3 days), we'll happily refund you in full.

I have other questions...

Just email us at

Jumpstart your creator journey.

Get support, structure, and accountability on your journey towards become a prolific creator, all via text.

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